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What is a guided skate session?

During a guided skate session, the instructor provides guidance, tips, and feedback to participants to help them improve their skateboarding skills, learn new tricks, and stay safe while skating. The instructor may also lead various drills, exercises, and challenges to enhance the participants' abilities and confidence on a skateboard. Guided skate sessions are often popular among beginners who are learning the basics of skateboarding, as well as intermediate and advanced skaters looking to refine their techniques or learn more advanced maneuvers.

Beginner Skate Session

Beginner Skate Session Includes instruction of basic skateboarding fundamentals and technique including falling safely, maintaining balance, pushing, turning, pumping, and dropping in.

Advanced Skate Session

Advanced Skateboarding Sessions include instruction of Advanced Skateboarding tricks and techniques. During this session, we help our skaters learn advanced tricks, correct improper fundamentals, and provide different perspectives that will expand their understanding of skateboarding, facilitating technical progression and consistency.

Group Skate Session

Group Sessions provide a great way for young skaters to skate with their friends, feed off of each other's energy, and experience camaraderie while progressing together as a group. Group classes help skaters break through mental blocks together as they learn new tricks and develop their fundamentals and individual styles.


30 Minute Sessions


1 Hour Session


Group Skate Session

2 Skaters - $85
3 Skaters - $105
4 Skaters - $125

Private Residence Session

$65 + Travel Fee
(fee based on clients location)


Active Duty Military/ Veterans

10% off


10% off


1 Month Package (4 Sessions) - $235 - Save $25!
2 Month Package (8 Sessions) - $460 - Save $60!
3 Month Package (12 Sessions) - $660 - Save $120!

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